The seed was planted for this project when I turned vegan a few years ago. This new lifestyle seemed daunting; alien, expensive ingredients and overblown recipes, it wasn’t simple. So my journey began . . .

For the first few months of my diet change I was stuck in a rut, eating roasted sweet potato and peppers; something my partner and I called “veg tray”. It’s not like there weren’t recipes out there, on the contrary, there were thousands! But not once did I come across a food blog or cookbook that was going to guide me through the process of change. Every time I opened a cookbook there they were, the main offenders; tofu, chia seeds, medjool dates, tempeh, seitan, buckwheat… just to name a few!

I don’t mean to say that these ingredients aren’t fantastic, that these bloggers and cookbooks aren’t doing some amazing things for the food world; but to me, they weren’t welcoming. I had no idea what half of these things were, let alone how to use them or where to buy them. A lot has changed since I first switched to a plant-based diet and a lot of these ingredients are now readily available in stores everywhere, but at the time, I felt the pretentious vegan stereotype existed for a reason.

“This cookbook isn’t just for vegans; it’s for everyone, everywhere”

As time went on I became confident and comfortable in the kitchen again; I had always loved cooking and found a huge amount of joy in experimenting with food. I was making dishes that weren’t dissimilar to what I was eating before I became vegan, and this is what I wanted everyone to understand. Constantly I’m asked “what do you eat?”, “isn’t it difficult? I couldn’t eat salad all the time”, “where do you get your protein?”, and I’m sure many of you are asked the same things! I didn’t want people to have this tainted impression of veganism that I first had. But, as time went on and I spoke to people about my choices, friends, family and colleagues were more interested in what I had for lunch that day and were genuinely curious about my lifestyle.

This cookbook is everything I wanted and needed when I first adopted a plant-based diet; it demonstrates how to use ingredients most people are already familiar with, and doesn’t alienate anyone. The recipes are simple, varied, inexpensive and humble, without compromising on taste or excitement. You wont find any tofu, chia seeds, tempeh or seitan here; no overnight marinading and no surprises. What you will find are dishes from around the world, favourites you know and love, and potentially something new!

This cookbook isn’t just for vegans; it’s for everyone, everywhere. I hope it will show you just how simple and fulfilling a plant-based diet can be.

The book itself has been designed, photographed and written entirely by, me! I considered what was great about cookbooks, but also what let them down; I don’t know about you guys, but if a recipe doesn’t have an image, I’ll usually skip straight past it no matter how amazing it sounds… Unfortunately, this tends to mean that the majority of recipes in these books don’t get a look in. Every single recipe in V; Delightful. Simple. Humble. has an accompanying photograph, so you know exactly what you’re making. So yes, that means you’ll have 60+ recipes, all with their own striking image! It has a clean, simple and beautiful design with 9pt text, meaning you don’t have to be super close with your glasses on to read what you’re doing. Staying true to my ethics, I wanted to make sure the production of the book has as little impact on the environment as possible; this means using fully recycled FSC certified paper and methods with minimal environmental impact.

Launching on Kickstarter:  31.10.2017